Virtual Reality Customizable Apartment Interior

Virtual Reality for the Sales Process of a Project or Apartment

Virtual Reality is now in wide use by interior designers, developers, and construction companies. It is changing how residential and commercial developments are planned, marketed and leased.

What’s more, a considerable proportion of the sales process has also become digitized. For instance, to tame the unwarranted anxieties of a potential buyer a real estate developer can demonstrate a product with virtual reality technology. And, it can enhance both digital and human dialogue with clients.

For agents and real estate developers to effectively demonstrate their product, we have created a VR Customizable Apartment. Our interactive solution allows clients to tour the interior of a rendered visualization of an apartment.

Plus, they can conjure up their own home indivi­dually. Clients can choose between different variations for the interiors and have an instant sense of ownership. Ultimately, our interactive 3D solution allows for building elements or decorative features to be determined in a simple and fun manner.

Most importantly, our VR Apartment Customizer can provide that “wow factor” when a prospective buyer visits their future apartment. Accordingly, our customizable solution can bring powerful benefits to help designers, realtors and developers grow their business, get more clients, and deliver top-level services.


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Selling a property, especially one that is under construction can be a big challenge for developers and real estate agencies. Typically, an agent provides a list of properties to the client. Then, this is followed by explanations and real-life visits to the property.

This workflow has endured for decades, and it’s inconvenient and time-consuming for potential buyers and realtors alike.

Today, Virtual Reality is transforming the way the real estate industry functions. First, VR technology is an effective improvement upon the old-fashioned show-and-tell. And, the 3D experience can be a great asset in showing existing properties and ones that have not been built yet.

For these reasons, virtual reality can solve the eternal problems of the real estate market. It has a clear advantage for the potential buyer, and an interested party does not have to travel to see a property. Plus, for realtors, it can greatly reduce time wasted on showings.

Most importantly, virtual reality is a descriptive and efficient way of showing a property. Best of all, it’s a way to elicit a powerful emotional response in clients which is a terrific advertisement for the real estate industry.


Our exclusive VR Customizable Apartment allows prospective buyers to experience an immersive, three-dimensional walkthrough of an apartment. They can customize the space to their liking, move the furniture, change the wall color, and even view the light conditions at various times of the day.

Furthermore, this high-end interactive experience is a photo-realistic reproduction of an apartment fitted with various products. They include wood flooring, carpets, decorative items and furniture. Truly, all of these elements are key for any client who struggles to visualize what is being proposed.

For potential customers, the VR Customizable Apartment can help realtors and developers promote and sell apartments before, during, and after the construction phase. With this interactive solution, a client has the option to choose from different predefined interior designs. Choices may include a specific kitchen or bath fixtures, and even artworks to decorate interior walls.

Equally important, our virtual reality experience allows a client to walk through the apartment in true perspective to effectively judge size, space, and dimension.

To enhance authenticity to this project we added a 360-degree photo to the immersive environment. This feature allows a client to look through an apartment window and see an exact real-world view. Moreover, the experience may include interactive elements such as running water in the bathroom or a “live” fire burning in the fireplace.

Ultimately, our VR experience enables a client to teleport to the future and see what their apartment will look like.

To bring every detail of an interior design to life before a client’s eyes we have the potential to replicate colors, textures, and materials in complex designs. Along with the customization of decorative materials, furniture and flooring, VR Apartment may be adapted to fit the needs and desires of any client.

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