About 1000 realities group

1000 realities is a company focused on creating applications in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. Founded in 2016 by Justyna Janicka and Piotr Wójcik, the company and its 30-person team have completed dozens of immersive projects for companies from Europe, Asia, and North America.

The company had the pleasure to work with such industrial clients as Siemens, Veolia, PGNiG, PGE, PKP Energetyka, NB Group, among others. In the non-industry sector it is worth mentioning the Air Force Academy from Dęblin, Amsterdam Skills Centre (medical industry) and cooperation with key telecommunications operators: Deutsche Telekom (Germany), Verizon (USA) or NTT Docomo (Japan).

With its products and projects in augmented reality technology, 1000 realities helps to streamline processes, digitize documentation and increase the efficiency and safety of employees. The company stands out with its unique Edge Realities product on a global scale. Using advanced remote mapping and localization (SLAM) technology, the company is the only one in the world able to adapt smart glasses to work in very large industrial spaces. A key component of Edge Realities for customers is its online platform and a range of products tailored to industrial solutions, such as AR Checklists, AR Remote Support, AR Navigation, AR Pick-by-Vision, IoT Bridge integration with external device sensors.

1000 realities studio is a sister company of 1000 realities, established in 2019, spun off for the purpose of delivering dedicated training projects in VR. The specialization of 1000 realities studio is virtual reality training and simulators, in particular for the energy/oil & gas, logistics, and manufacturing industries. The scope of activities includes VR Custom Trainings that are personalized, tailor-made experiences and trainings in virtual reality, and VR Off-the-shelf EHS Trainings that are ready to implement safety trainings in virtual reality. Realizations of 1000 realities studio are based on scenarios with training and exam mode. They are distinguished by hyper-realism, intuitiveness and lack of simulation sickness.

Our productions and activities are created in a device-agnostic way. For virtual reality productions, we have experience working with most of the VR goggles on the market, both standalone like Oculus Quest 2 and tethered like HTC VIVE PRO. Our AR efforts are primarily focused on smart glasses and smartphones. Our Edge Realities-based solutions work on most of the available AR glasses, such as Vuzix Blade, Vuzix M4000, RealWear, etc.

1000 realities has been the winner of many prestigious competitions and awards.




Who are we

Justyna |
Co-Founder & COO
Piotr |
Co-Founder & CTO
Karolina |
CEO and Co-founder at 1000 realities studio
Paulina |
EU Funds Project Mgr.
Roman |
Growth & Marketing Mgr.
Monika |
Administrative Asst.
Wojtek |
Full-stack AR Developer
Piotr |
C++ Developer
Paweł |
C++ Developer
Marcin |
C++ Developer
Krzysztof |
AR Developer
Mateusz |
VR & AR Developer
Krzysztof |
Full-stack Developer
Duarte |
VR Developer
Aga |
3D Artist & Level Designer
Kostiantyn |
3D Artist
Konrad |
Game Designer
Marta |
Quality Assurance Spc.
Tymek |
Quality Assurance Spc.

Press about us

  • "The 1000 Realities software suite takes full advantage of the key features of the Vuzix Blade by connecting users in the physical world to the digital world, while maintaining engagement with the physical world, resulting in an augmented reality experience that delivers real-time augmented intelligence to the Vuzix Blade user over Verizon's 5G network." Source here.

    Paul Travers, Bloomberg.com
  • "The first demonstration is with 1000 realities, a leading augmented reality company that recently won the grand prix prize for best CESA IoT Startup, as well as for the best VR/AR startup held at the European VR/AR congress. The computational intensity of 1000 realities augmented reality glasses software requires a latency of less than 33 ms for operational viability, which is only possible when running on MobiledgeX and SK Telecom's infrastructure. 1000 realities' software helps industrial workers perform their day-to-day tasks by delivering relevant data depending on where they are and what they are looking at. Performance intense computer vision algorithms responsible for spatial mapping and positional tracking cannot be run on light, low computing smart glasses, especially if the smart glass user has to be localized on large scale industrial premises." Source here

    Brian Baumley, benzinga.com
  • "Today with 1000 realities and our Blade glasses you can walk up to a piece of machinery like a valve. You reach out and as you begin to turn the valve, sitting above it is the percentage of how opened and closed the valve is. As you spin the valve, out in the cloud all this stuff gets put together. It locates the current valve and as you spin it, it happens in real time as it turns. Now all of that infrastructure, the software that's used to measure the environment to know where you're looking, that's all running in the cloud." - Said Paul Travers, CEO at Vuzix. Source here

    Interview hosted by Brian Cooley, cnet.com