Edge Realities 2.0

In 1000 realties, we believe in the unlimited possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR). Our goal is to popularize the AR technology. It will be enabled by the elimination of barriers related to available software, device requirements and network infrastructure. The project result – a prototype of the innovative platform Edge Realities 2.0 will allow for creating AR content in a fully automated way, without knowledge of advanced algorithmics. Our client will be able to log into the platform and use any device equipped with a camera to start mapping the room and adding contextual information layers (eg engine parameter data). The key assumption that distinguishes our product from competitive solutions is the transfer of all complex computations to a remote server. The platform will use edge computing infrastructure, thus being compatible with both lightweight, inexpensive augmented reality glasses, as well as older generation smartphones. The platform will be the first solution in the world that will allow mapping spaces of almost any size without restrictions on the end devices. The R&D work in the project will build on a highly scalable SLAM algorithm, created by our team, as part of the hub:raum prototype program (the Deutsche Telekom’s accelerator). Within the scope of the project we plan to create a significantly improved product by:

  • creating solution for presenting complex 3D objects,
  • improving the reliability of the algorithm,
  • improving the scalability of the algorithm,
  • optimization of data transfer as part of the algorithm.

The platform will be implemented in the Augmented Reality as a Service model sold as a B2B2B product. The target group will be independent software vendors (Independent Software Vendors, ISV), who want to design AR experiences for industry and owners of public infrastructure objects.

  • Project value: 3 706 791,00 PLN
  • Funding amount: 2 831 333,36 PLN

This project is co-financed by the European Union from assets of the European Regional Development Fund within the Smart Growth programme. This project is carried out within the Fast Track programme of The National Center of Research and Development.


AIVRUX – an intuitive and innovative user interface creator for VR games based on natural language communication

AIVRUX project aims at the design of the ‘Virtual Assistant’ – a completely new approach that allows enhancing the intuitiveness of user interface in VR games. The Assistant will allow interaction with the player using the senses which so far have not been used in VR- and AR-based applications.

The project will result in a set of two software tools dedicated for UX/UI designers and the game developers, who team up during the game production cycle:

  • SDK enabling to process the player’s queries and commands into unique programming events and output dialogues,
  • An online platform for designing and testing the voice and gesture communication-based interaction logic, as well as utilizing the database In the game engine.

Ultimately, the tool will ensure a free interaction method between the player and the VR game environment.

Our solution will be possible to implement with any VR games and application of a 3rd party. The online platform, fitted to the needs of UX/UI designers, will allow designing the interaction-targeted decisions trees, making AIVRUS a world-scale innovation. It will enable to decrease the game production cost, minimizing the programers’ engagement during the mundane and iterative UI prototyping process. The final product will be based on one of the popular VR game graphic engines, as well as an optimized technological chain made of speech-to-text, chatbot, and text-to-speech tools.

  • Project value: 4 920 150,49 PLN
  • Funding amount: 3 700 918,06 PLN

This project is co-financed by the European Union from assets of the European Regional Development Fund within the Smart Growth program. This project is carried out within the program of The National Center of Research and Development: GameINN.


Immersive English learning. A system for learning language in virtual reality.

The aim of the project is to develop a complete version of the software that helps to learn foreign languages, using VR (Virtual Reality) technology.

The result of the planned tasks is to achieve a version of the product that can be offered to potential customers including full functionality and readiness for implementation, after 24 months from the date of the day the project starts. Then, the goal in the next period of 12 months will be the implementation of the product innovation to the business activity of the applicant, by offering a license to use the software on the European and Asian markets and generating the expected revenues from sales of licenses for using the product (i.e. 4 920 000 PLN).

Key activities that the applicant plans to undertake in order to achieve the objective:

  • recruiting and starting to work with a team, as projected in the budget and in key human resources,
  • purchase of fixed assets as described in the budget
  • carrying out programming works, connected with improving the engine for conducting dialogues with a virtual person
  • work on the course scenario (development of methodological assumptions, development of scenario variants, and dialogue list)
  • work on training (development of 3D environment and models of virtual characters with whom the user will carry out dialogues, test training version, prepare documentation)
  • work on marketing strategy and sales activities

The following resources will be involved in the project implementation:

  • IT infrastructure (computers, software) and VR headsets
  • personnel resources and external services (especially expert services)
  • cloud technologies
  • knowledge and experience of the applicant’s management
  • financing allowing the applicant

The result of the project will be the creation of innovative software for learning a foreign language, using VR and AI technologies, and then implementing it into the business activity of the Applicant on the domestic and foreign markets (Western Europe and Asia). The place of project implementation will be the city of Rzeszów.

  • Project value: 1 225 540,00 PLN
  • Funding amount: 998 308,00 PLN

This project is co-financed by the European Union from assets of the European Regional Development Fund within the Operational Program Eastern Poland – Program Operacyjny Polska Wschodnia. Location of the project realization: Rzeszów.


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