Innovative AR/VR Solutions

We are an award-winning team of VR and AR experts. We specialize in developing pioneering software, and by leveraging the massive potential of 5G and edge technologies we see the synergy between VR and AR as a gateway to an array of opportunities for more immersive, interactive solutions and applications.

Our multi-industry solutions increase productivity, maximize user engagement, enhance performance and drive efficiencies. We work with a unique ecosystem of partners, showing how we value the collaborative process to develop innovative solutions that deliver transformative results.

Our product landscape includes Edge Realities, VR Trainings by 1000 realities studio, and NUX VR.


Edge Realities - AR & Remote SLAM

One of our key products is the globally innovative Edge Realities product. It consists of three elements: remote SLAM, AR platform, and ready to implement industrial AR features:

Edge Realities: Remote SLAM

The core component of the Edge Realities AR framework development by 1000 realities is a custom-developed algorithm used for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM). Based on the stream from a device’s camera (and optionally the IMU), this algorithm will accurately and continuously estimate the 3D position and 3D orientation (rotation) of the device in real space.

The uniqueness of the Edge Realities SLAM algorithm stems from the fact that the intense computation required to execute 6-DoF tracking in real time is not done on the device itself, rather on a remote server. Thanks to that, the battery life is extended, overheating reduced and complex 3D content can be shown for multiple users, on a really large scale Edge Realities SLAM is designed to be as hardware agnostic as possible. Our vision is to be able to supplement any device that has a camera and connectivity with AR capabilities by means of our remote SLAM algorithm.

The network performance is a critical component of the system’s overall performance, making it an ideal use case for 5G or MEC platforms.


Edge Realities: AR Platform

Based on a distributed SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) algorithm, Edge Realities platform allows a user to create an AR experience straight from the browser. No computer programming, coding, or IT knowledge is required. Designed from the ground up, this unique system is appealing and user-friendly, thereby enabling any user to smoothly deploy his/her own augmented reality tools.

Today Edge Realities is readily tested and used in many of the biggest industrial and telecom companies across the globe. The prominent feature of Edge Realities is that any computing is fully outsourced, making it easy to map and add overlays to very complicated, large-scale environments. What’s more, thanks to the synergy between 5G and Edge Computing, our solution allows for many people to experience augmented reality at the same time; the additional digital overlays like 2D graphics, 3D objects, videos and more may be shared between users, and the system will locate users in real-time. Additionally, IoT integration is also possible. Our system can interface seamlessly with any existing IoT platform.


Edge Realities: Industrial off-the-shelf AR features

Edge Realities consists of a package of ready-to-implement AR solutions that have been deployed in myriad industrial contexts, and are readily tested and used in many of the biggest industrial and telecom companies across the globe. AR as a Service model provides our customers a menu of choices when deciding about the scope of desired features, and the duration of the license subscription. Importantly, the implementation of our system is quick and easy. Another major benefit is that Edge Realities solutions are based on device-agnostic design, and can be used on any mobile device with a camera like a smartphone or smart glasses. We believe that hands-free devices built for enterprise environments such as Vuzix Smart Glasses can help unlock the enormous potential of augmented reality for any workforce.

1000 realities has developed several practical solutions based on their pioneering Edge Realities system and platform. These augmented reality industrial solutions currently include: AR Checklists and Inspections, AR Navigation and Pick-by-vision, AR Remote Support. Additionally, our IoT Bridge allows for easy synchronization with smart devices and machinery sensors. 


With its unique capability, user-friendliness, and compatibility with smartphones and smart glasses Edge Realities can be used across a diverse field of industrial/commercial environments. It was appreciated by the US, European and Asian telecoms, including Verizon (USA), NTT Docomo (Japan), Deutsche Telekom (Germany), SK telecom (South Korea), and leading industrial companies like Lafarge or PGE (the largest power producing company in Poland).


Virtual Reality trainings & bespoke VR/AR Solutions

1000 realities studio is a team of Virtual Reality specialists who create ground-breaking immersive VR experiences for any industry. Our VR applications create a realistic workplace experience, making a powerful tool for training. Whether off-the-shelf or customized, our fully immersive trainings are based on a set of functionalities and best-practice solutions for innovative trainings. We know how to effectively transfer real-world operations into our training simulations. And, we strive to guarantee the best training experience for both advanced and novice virtual reality users alike. We use special methods of movement and transportation that our specialists have both designed and developed to eliminate simulation sickness.

Custom VR projects

VR Custom Apps and trainings are personalized, tailor-made applications in virtual reality. We have developed applications for heavy industry, entertainment, medicine, automotive, railroad, aviation, and petrochemical industries.

Virtual reality experiences include tutorial, training, and exam modes, with report generation and event probability configuration. Applications are based on our Training Framework, ready-made interactions, experience elements, proven UI and UX.

We have experience with most of the VR Head-mounted displays available on the market. Our productions are customized for any VR goggles, both tethered and standalone such as Oculus Quest 2 or VIVE FOCUS 3.

Our team consists of experienced Unreal Engine and Unity developers, 3D graphic designers, quality assurance testers, game and experience designer, and product manager. It allows us to create high-quality productions like the one realized for Veolia.


Off-the-shelf VR trainings

VR Off-the-shelf Environment, Health and Safety Trainings are ready to implement EHS trainings in virtual reality. We offer two high-quality trainings created with EHS experts:

1) VR Fire and evacuation safety training, which thanks to a wide range of training from hazard inspection to building evacuation to fire extinguishing can be effective in training office, warehouse, and production line workers.

2) Work at Height VR safety training, a course that can be realized in several modules in three workplaces: static scaffolding, movable scaffolding, and aerial lift. The application was highly rated by end-users receiving a score of 4.7 out of 5.0.

Both trainings are available in the monthly or yearly license model. Our flexible approach allows choosing modules and workplaces that best suit end-users’ needs. VR trainings are created for high-quality VIVE PRO goggles. It is possible to adapt the training to standalone goggles and desktop versions.

We are proud to have the best VR Training Framework that was appreciated but many companies, like Veolia, Siemens, Amsterdam Skills Center, NB Group, PGNiG (the largest Polish oil and gas exploration and production company). By applying our Training Framework, 1000 realities studio is able to develop training simulations quickly. This boils down to a significant reduction in costs related to time investment in development and the testing of VR application elements. With our rigorous testing of UX elements, our Training Framework is an efficient and highly effective tool that can increase trainee engagement, drive powerful learning results and impact on the learning process, and dramatically increase comprehension levels that make the training more memorable. Another important value is that following the completion of a training module, the learner can receive instant feedback to evaluate performance strengths and weaknesses. Overall, VR is a cost-efficient learning solution that companies can use to help align and equip any workforce to ensure competency, productivity, and safety.



NUX VR brings together AI, VR, and voice-user interface to develop a social “VR Voice Assistant”. The goal of the NUX VR project is to design a Virtual Assistant. This is a groundbreaking approach that will make it possible to enhance the intuitiveness of user interface in VR games.

The Virtual Assistant will interact with the player using the senses. Up until now, this has not been used in VR or AR-based applications.

Our project will result in two software tools dedicated to UX/UI designers and the game developers who team up during the game production cycle. Ultimately, the set of tools will ensure free interaction between the player and the VR game environment.

Our solution will be able to implement with any VR games and applications of a 3rd party. Fitted to the needs of UX/UI designers, the online platform will allow the design of interaction-target decision trees, making NUX VR a world-scale innovation.

Overall, it will reduce game production costs, and minimize programmer engagement during the mundane and iterative UI prototyping process.

The final product will be based on a popular game graphic engine and will feature an optimized technological chain made of speech-to-text, chatbot, and text-to-speech tools.