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Virtual Reality in Industry to Revolutionize Learning

Creating safe and real-life learning environments for employees in heavy industry is most often costly. What’s more, it is not easy to repeat or deploy, and result in low levels of employee apprehension.

In a work environment where even a tiny mistake can be extremely costly, it’s in the best interest of a company to invest in their employee’s knowledge and skill growth. VR technology can allow a company to train its employees anytime, effectively, and in a safe and controlled environment. And, it’s a cost-effective and convenient training solution.

This training solution for Veolia Poland is a set of virtual reality learning modules that help their trainees get hands-on experience with real-time industrial problems. The high-end interactive training is an intensive practice of the industrial work cycle. In addition, our simulated VR platform helps employees gain skills to become more efficient without incurring any extra cost. This helps Veolia Poland to amplify their productivity.

Our VR training solutions in heavy industry are helping to revolutionize the paradigms of learning experiences. They reduce time and costs and can enhance both engagement and effectiveness of the learning process.

Further, our virtual reality trainings can simulate dangerous environments and activities without the repercussions of the real world. Our virtual reality industrial solutions can support various industries improve and enhance their training practices.


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Technical training such as machinery or mechanical parts training requires the presence of specific hardware. The availability of these assets and the environment in which they operate in—factories, trains, planes, and production sites—make them difficult to use as training objects.

Traditional forms of training and the use of training manuals or PowerPoint are often described by heavy industry trainees as mandatory and not engaging. Trainers are often asked for solutions to improve company training. VR is now being regarded as one of the best solutions.

Using virtual reality allows a trainee to experience a simulated environment where they must perform specific procedures. Multiple possible paths force the trainee to think before acting, make their own informed decisions and experience the consequences.

VR industrial training is probably the single most effective way to increase engagement and focus of employees on the training material. Since VR can create immersive and realistic onsite environments, trainees must give their full attention to the course, dramatically increasing comprehension levels and making the training more high-impact and memorable.


One of the areas where we provide our VR solutions includes training and learning in the heavy industries. In our collaboration with Veolia Poland, we realized four training modules that are each in a fully immersive 3D environment. The first scenario is a high-end VR training experience that generates an authentic reproduction of specific equipment in a realistic work environment. This is key.

This scenario was created to support Veolia trainees in learning the correct process of cleaning a desilter cartridge. The trainee must perform the procedure in a simulated 3D environment, experience the consequences of their actions and learn the procedure by doing and making choices, as they would in real life. Following each training a learner can receive instant feedback to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

A part of what we do is design and create interactive training modules which offer new pathways for improved outcomes in high-proficiency training. This training contains a tutorial. We want to ensure that they are maximally user-friendly for people who do not have much digital experience, and accessible for people of all ages.

Our training modules ensure that the training can be provided to employees at any location and on any VR-enabled device.

Client's Review

“The virtual reality application accurately reflects the real work situation, enabling training to be conducted in a safe, fast and engaging way for employees. Operations in VR are intuitive also for people who have not used this technology before.

The project is characterized by a high level of realism. Not only the process but also the graphic aspects were accurately rendered. The place of training, elements of equipment and tools were created on the basis of photos and reproduced with attention to detail.”

Robert Trzciński
Director of Operations – Dyrektor Eksploatacji

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