AR in IoT:
Augmented Reality is Reshaping the Kitchen

Augmented Reality / IoT / Kitchen

The Internet of Things has become a part of our daily lifestyles. Due to its vast array of applications, IoT is changing our lives in fundamental ways—not least in the kitchen. From minimizing waste to helping people cook and eat healthy, a new wave of smart kitchen gadgets is making the kitchen experience simpler.

IoT is a system of interrelated devices that communicate with each other without human input. Sensors can be embedded in a wide variety of products, allowing them to perform several useful functions.

Smart objects in a kitchen can effortlessly cooperate with our Edge Realities solution. In fact, the system can seamlessly interface with any existing IoT platform. This blend of augmented reality and IoT devices can be used for grocery ordering, monitoring alarms to make the kitchen safer and flatware & utensils with smart technology. What’s more, monitoring kitchen stock levels can be linked to a database to suggest recipes and a large range of cooking devices.

The possibilities of what Edge Realities and the Internet of Things can bring to a household kitchen or food and beverage industry are limitless. Interactions between humans and machines become smoother and more accessible. This allows anyone to tap into the fast-growing IoT- enabled smart homes segment. The easy integration of our system with any IoT platform can bring transformation to home kitchens, commercial kitchens, and food and beverage companies.


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Internet of Things is increasing the ubiquity of the Internet by integrating every object for interaction. Embedded systems in smart objects can lead to a distributed network of devices that communicate with humans as well as other devices. However, these characteristics pose challenges specific to IoT.

For one, many companies have adopted this technology, which makes their infrastructure more complex. In the telecommunications sector, the idea is to meet the problem of temporary delays, high speed and low power consumption have shifted the focus to 5G networks. There are also security and safety challenges. The implementation of IoT leads to a hyper-connected world over which we must have control and in which security is a permanent challenge.

Yet, thanks to rapid advances in underlying technologies, IoT has the potential to open tremendous opportunities. This includes fresh applications that can improve the quality of our lives.

As IoT expands, Edge Realities is our innovative augmented reality software and complimentary solution that combines two important features. The first is the cloud and its better power for storage and greatly extended computing power at low cost. The second is its ability to process data which can connect multiple end-devices to the cloud.

These powerful features can seamlessly interface with the ever-growing number of IoT-powered devices. Whether they be in the household, office, automobile, manufacturing industry or enterprise. Furthermore, our platform can help drive IoT adoption and help more customers, both personal and industrial, achieve benefits from Internet of Things technology.


How much actual cooking does a person want to do? In the kitchen, the interface between smart devices and AR smart glasses, thanks to Edge Realities, can fill that gap between aspiration and reality.

Internet of Things tools and appliances are reshaping one of the most important rooms of the home: the kitchen. IoT products are intended to make life easier and give consumers smoother function and more control over their lives. By applying this idea to smart devices in the kitchen, cooking prep time and labor can be reduced. Plus, human error can be minimized, and energy usage optimized through temperature and cooking regulation.

By adopting our Edge Realities solution to smart glasses in combination with smart sensors in the kitchen, a person can know when the stove has been left on, calculate the nutrient content in a storage jar, or use a fork that prompts us to slow down and relish each bite.

There are several key transformations that the Edge Realities and IoT blend can bring to household and commercial kitchens. These include increased efficiency and productivity, cost-cutting and reduced waste, and a safer kitchen and better food quality. For the fast-paced food and beverage industry, advanced IoT objects and machines can help expand the business and maintain the quality and consistency of its food and beverages throughout all locations.

Our key product is Edge Realities. Based on SLAM, the synergy between 5G and Edge Computing and device-agnostic design, AR tools can be smoothly deployed. A powerful feature is digital overlays may be shared between users in real-time. IoT integration is possible, and our system can seamlessly interface with any existing IoT platform.

With its unique capability, compatibility with smart glasses and user-friendliness, Edge Realities can be used across a diverse field of industrial and commercial environments. For instance, maintenance and service support, remote support, indoor navigation, IoT visualizations, learning assistance, gaming and entertainment, and more.

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