AR and VR in Health & Safety

Experience the future of health and safety training. Our virtual reality solutions empower learners to play an active role and take control of their own learning. With off-the-shelf or customized VR solutions in any environment, trainees can learn safety by practice, including hazard recognition and emergency situations—and in a controlled environment. Skills assessments can be created. Critically, our immersive training experience can lead to better memory retention.

Our off-the-shelf Environment, Health, and Safety VR trainings include “Fire and Evacuation VR Training” and “Work at Height VR Training”. Both are available in the license model for the best VR headsets. Trainees can effectively learn the procedures of building evacuation, fire extinguishing, and hazard inspections. The course of work at height can be realized on static scaffolding, movable scaffolding, and aerial lift. Customization of VR training is possible, especially in ready environments of coal mine and shopping center.