Virtual Reality For Marketing and Sales

Virtual Reality for Marketing and Sales

Virtual reality allows a company to show all their products, anytime, and anywhere.

Today, many B2B firms are embracing VR as a powerful sales tool. To increase sales, a company sales manager can use immersive technology to display all its products to prospective customers. Or, they can take a self-guided virtual tour without having to visit an installation.

Instead of shipping an enormous machine to a trade show or sales meeting, a sales manager can simply show the product using Virtual Reality. Not only can VR bring a product alive and in precise detail, but it can also bring the product experience alive for multiple users. Including the important stakeholders in the prospect company.

We developed just such a marketing and sales tool for Siemens. With our 3D VR immersive solution, their industrial products can be viewed at scale and anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, virtual reality saves time and reduces barriers to sales.

In addition, we employed a unique way of presenting their products in virtual reality.

Our solution was to ask the potential buyer, while immersed in the VR environment, to put on a pair of virtual Augmented Reality smart glasses. This distinctive feature enables the client to view digital overlays in virtual reality.

Demonstrating complex solutions in an immersive environment, such as a hospital, manufacturing plant, or oil refinery, must be contextually relevant to the potential buyer. For this reason, VR can be a highly effective way to help customers relate to what the product or solution is, how it works and why it will benefit them.




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Many industrial products are huge in scale, and expensive to ship around the world for trade shows and events. For this reason, they pose daunting sales and marketing challenges. Furthermore, communicating a business outcome for complex products and solutions is extremely difficult to demonstrate “live” in the real world with physical products.

In capital-intensive industries, B2B sales teams often struggle to ensure that decision-makers get all the necessary information during a long and complicated sales cycle. Especially after several meetings where valuable product information can get lost.

Regardless, new technologies can solve these old challenges. Virtual Reality demonstrations, in which customers can access a virtual walk-through of a product, are a powerful solution. Today, VR is quickly becoming a key tool in the B2B sales kit.


In collaboration with Siemens, we created this VR showcase of one of their industrial solutions. This immersive presentation can help a potential buyer visualize and imagine how a complex installation, specifically outfitted with Siemens products, will seem in the real world.

Authenticity is key to this virtual reality project. We worked closely with Siemens to create this high-end view of an industrial installation. Siemens sales managers now have a better way to engage their clients, and potential customers can take a self-guided virtual tour without having to visit the installation. Ultimately, this saves time and helps drive sales.

Whether it’s the oil and gas industry or mining, railway, or airline industry, our VR solutions can help any company increase its sales.

By replacing the traditional heavy brochures, we offer VR solutions and intuitive designs. Overall, they can showcase several products, their features, use cases, virtual demos, and much more.

The best benefit? With integrated virtual reality solutions, a company sales presentation can be easily transformed into an interesting and engaging meeting to showcase products.

This project utilizes VR-enabled devices. This ensures that our solutions are portable, cost-efficient and location independent. At the same time, they are able to solve myriad business and operational challenges.

Our virtual reality solutions can also be used by the heavy industry to bring their products to life at events and corporate communications.

Client's Review

“The collaboration with 1000 realities was smooth and easy. They really care about the quality of services and products offered, and their passion and professional approach will more than meet the expectations of their customers.”

Marcin Masek,
Technical Support Manager, Siemens

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