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Retailers are quickly learning that a store can no longer survive if it’s just a place to buy things. And, in today’s competitive retail market, they need to offer novel Retailtainment experiences to get customers to visit physical stores.

Virtual Reality entertainment can give people a reason to visit the mall. In fact, more and more companies are working to expand the appeal of the traditional shopping mall by going with virtual reality technology. VR Centers and Arcades popping up in malls and arcades around the world.

VRcades combine physical props and spaces with unique Virtual Reality content. For instance, one of our VR gaming projects was created for a shopping mall in Asia. Our solution gives their customers more reason to walk through the doors and stay longer.

Further, virtual reality provides a unique immersive entertainment experience that simply isn’t possible at home.

Our Travel with Us 3D VR game and other virtual reality attractions are proof that the business models that will work today and in the future are experiential. And, our fully immersive gaming experience allows companies to give individual customers or groups of consumers attractive offers.

Above all, virtual reality can bring a lot of versatility in the entertainment experiences it provides to customers. It can also distinguish you from the competition.


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Many shopping malls lie barren and lifeless. For customers that know what they want to buy, online shopping and same-day delivery is immeasurably more convenient than taking time out of their schedule to drive to a mall and pick up a product. E-commerce is killing brick-and-mortar retail.

To save physical retail stores and movie theatres, mall operators are adopting virtual reality attractions. VR theatres, VRcades, parks, and game kiosks are starting to pop-up in empty spaces in malls around the world. These are offering one-of-a-kind and exciting virtual reality experiences to early adopters of the technology, and they are experimenting with memberships, subscriptions, or simply a flat rate per hour.

Location-Based Entertainment with virtual reality is the perfect solution for shopping centers to overcome these barriers and is expected to be a crucial bridge to the mass market. LBE VR can enter shopping malls in the form of virtual reality cinemas, escape rooms, museums, pop-up VR experiences during events, and VR museums. Virtual Reality can provide a richer and much more immersive experience compared to home VR setups


We collaborated with a high-end shopping mall in Asia to create Travel with Us, an LBE VR game. This fun and memorable 3D experience was developed to help keep customers coming in, drive engagement, and increase in-store footfalls and conversion.

The fully immersive game was designed as an experiential attraction, where visitors who want to check out the experience must shoot at different targets. The game player will sail down a river surrounded by fantastic landscapes, and the more targets that a visitor can hit, the more prizes won.

As a result, our solution gives the mall more opportunities to sell more of their products.

Our goal was to give customers an interactive, 3D VR gaming experience that they will enjoy and remember. Plus, for many reasons, the shopping center is an ideal place for our virtual reality solutions. The mall remains a favored place to shop, be entertained, and hang out with family and friends.

Overall, our VR game is an example of the many very exciting prospects for shopping centers to invest in. It’s a great way for family members and friends to spend time socially, and our immersive solution is a perfect answer for reinventing the mall space.

Today, retail spaces are becoming much more than shops and stores. Our Travel with Us game demonstrates but one of the many social virtual reality experiences that we can create. In fact, virtual reality experiences that are as exciting as going to an amusement park, albeit in entirely another dimension.

Our VR solutions can also help companies profitably fulfill customer demands. What’s more, they can satisfy consumers by bridging the gap between online and on-site shopping. Likewise, stores can use our VR solutions to display new products before they even arrive, provide games to entertain customers, and educate them on product usage.

In truth, Retailtainment experiences can turn customers into fans and even ambassadors of your brand.

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