Virtual Reality EHS Fire and Evacuation Training

Virtual reality teaches how to behave in a burning facility

Virtual reality fire safety training allows employees to learn the vital skills needed to cope with different types of fire. VR can also prepare them for potential real-life situations.

Fire preparedness is crucial in all industries. The high-level realism of virtual reality increases learner engagement and outcomes, time and cost savings, and promotes best practices. For this reason, implementing VR training can help speed up emergency responses and evacuations to save both lives and property.

Our VR Safety Training provides learners with an interactive and immersive experience. These features allow them to experience real-life scenarios in a controlled, realistic virtual real-life environment. Using our VR learning solution, a learner can walk around an exact replica of a building. And, they can practice using virtual versions of specialist equipment to apply the theory of how to extinguish fires and deal with different situations.

Virtual reality training brings an injection of 3D experiential and immersive learning to help learners better equip themselves. Plus, they can do it a much faster rate for Health and Safety compliance regulations.

Truly, it’s a cost-effective learning solution designed to mitigate impending risks. What’s more, the inclusion of our VR EHS simulations into a training program can help align and equip any workforce to ensure competency and productivity.


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Fire is an always present risk to any company. Every year, many fires that start in non-residential buildings result in deaths, civilian injuries, and billions of dollars in property damage.

The risk of a fire in a non-residential facility can be extreme. Not only can various machinery pose a significant fire hazard if not properly maintained, but extensive fire damage can also be devastating to the business that runs the operation.

If a fire does occur in a facility, employees must be able to exit the building quickly and safely. In addition, a fire can cause severe stress and fear in individuals. This can result in panicked reactions and avoidable accidents.

To keep both employees and goods protected from fires, companies must make it a priority to ensure that facilities are adequately prepared for a potential fire. Traditional and PPT forms of EHS training have proven less effective, whereas immersive VR safety training can realistically simulate workplace scenarios. Similarly, it can allow for practice with specialist equipment such as a fire extinguisher.

Virtual reality technology allows the learner to be immersed and present in the moment. Thus, it can tap into a truly experiential moment. This highly visual form of learning provides for increased engagement and better retention. Above all, VR training is likely to remain in trainees’ minds and muscle memories as opposed to the more traditional platforms for learning.


Our EHS fire safety and evacuation training is a totally immersive learning solution. It is aimed to teach employees knowledge, and how to behave during simulated conditions in a burning facility. Our high-end VR experience generates a powerful sense of realism and incredible reproduction of working environments. Indeed, this is crucial in fire fighting.

The goal of our virtual reality training is to help companies and their employees achieve a high level of EHS performance. The hands-on learning experience not only teaches, but provides trainees with a physical, sensory experience of learning.

Trainees learn about the consequences of their actions and to assess risks associated with various hazardous situations while practicing in a safe virtual environment. In addition, learners can also repeat training tasks. And, at the end of each training a learner can receive instant feedback to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

In this EHS training, learners may encounter VR in a variety of tasks such as extinguishing a fire, portable extinguishers and fire hose, hazard identification, building evacuation, fire behavior, fire detection, and alarm systems. What’s else, each training contains a tutorial; we want to ensure that they are maximally user-friendly for people who do not have much digital experience and accessible for people of all ages.

Trainings can be site-specific or in any day-to-day work environment such as an office, warehouse, or factory production line. Our immersive training modules ensure that the training can be provided to employees on any VR-enabled device.

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