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Virtual reality technology is reshaping the car showroom, car shopping process and the future of the automotive industry. In a virtual space, designers and engineers can see, test and experience a car. Now customers can do the same.

Auto makers and vendors are showcasing virtual reality experiences to complement their vehicles and introduce upcoming models to the market. VR headsets, for example, can show people what it might be like to ride in a concept car powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

Our customer-centric VR Sportscar Showcase uses immersive technology to depict complex aspects of the vehicle’s technology vividly and emotively. And, our solution provides vendors with opportunities to create better experiences for their customers.

In the auto retail industry immersive reality experiences are redefining the notion of place—from the auto showroom to the customer’s living room.

This means that vendors who use our virutal reality solution can more effectively match a customer’s expectations. In addition, they can boost sales by giving customers an experience that resonates with their values and reduce costs by moving vehicles into a virtual set.


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To choose the most suitable model, today’s potential buyers are looking for the necessary information online rather than going to a dealership. Of course, this is not a complete picture of the potential car purchase. Even still, the vendor cannot see and feel if a particular model is a good fit for the customer.

While getting behind the wheels for a test drive is an unmatchable experience, VR can improve the way dealerships enhance the customer experience.

Using virtual reality, a salesman can empower customers at the dealership to test and configure different car features conveniently at the lot. A configured car can be experienced in 3D and 6DoF, with all the lights and sound effects.

Various environments, times of day, and light conditions also contribute to the true-to-life virtual experience of sitting in the car. What’s else, the vehicle’s interior can be observed from every perspective.

Basically, customers can enter virtual environments and test drive any number of cars without even leaving the dealership.

In fact, why visit the showroom entirely? Any salesman equipped with VR headsets can visit the home of a prospective buyer.


We can help a customer “get behind the wheel” with our full-fledged VR marketing and sales tool for auto dealers. What’s else, the virtual reality solution can offer customers more information and certainty when making their purchasing decision. Not to mention a special wow factor.

Rather than a flat marketing system, our auto showcase experience allows the customer to virtually explore every detail of a car in 3D. Just like in a dealership with real cars.

Truly, our immersive automotive VR showroom can be experienced using mobile devices and VR headsets. For instance, customers can simply enter the virtual lobby and view a true virtual interior of a Porsche Panamera Turbo.

With immaculate details and clear visuals, our virtual reality project demonstrates how we can help any dealership sell its car inventory.

Our project is a solution for an automotive vendor that is portable, cost-efficient and location independent. Whether at an auto showroom or sitting at home, a customer can enter a virtual environment and “test drive” any number of cars and configurations.

We can develop virtual experiences for any make or model. Or, we can allow for the ability to choose a vehicle from a huge vehicle library to explore the vehicle in full 360º stereo.

In a word, we can create themed environments that feature models ranging from exotics, ultra sports cars, luxury, and standard SUVs, pickup trucks, and sedans. And, all can be viewed anywhere and anytime.

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