Virtual Reality Mine Safety Training

VR Training to Keep Underground Minors Safe

Virtual Reality can be a powerful value-added business solution to keeping miners safe and healthy. First, the implementation of VR training saves time. And, it can decrease the cost of training by eliminating high-cost equipment and the risk of going down into the mine.

The information and skills acquired using VR training can be transferred to the real world in a more meaningful and realistic way. For example, in our EHS Mine Safety Training new and experienced minors learn by doing.

Safety is no accident. Our scenario-based virtual reality training allows minors to experience the consequences of incorrect decisions, without being in actual danger. The hands-on experience in a simulated work environment offers the opportunity to develop perceptual expertise, problem-solving skills, decision-making under stress, and hazard perception.

At the same time, learners are immersed in conditions that are impossible to re-create in the real world.

The main benefits of our EHS training for minors in VR are multiple. These values include reduced time, unlimited access to expensive or unavailable equipment, cost-saving and the ability to practice hazardous conditions. Critically, learners improve the capacity to remember safety information.


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Mining has long remained one of the world’s most hazardous occupations. The high incidence of accidents and fatalities in the mining industry, particularly those associated with falls of ground is often attributed to ineffective or inappropriate training methods.

Training is a critical part of keeping miners safe and healthy. Thus, it has become a high priority for the mining community. However, many conventional, didactic training tools and techniques are not adequate in providing effective health and safety training.

There is no doubt that methods to provide effective training, in particular safety-related training, are urgently required in the industry. Yet, only with proper training can minors recognize possible hazards and know the safety procedures to follow.

Virtual reality training in mining allows training the entire team of mining operators, workers, and managers in order to make the entire mining process safe and more effective. Importantly, training in fully immersive VR allows teams to practice their skills before starting working in real-world mining sites.

Amongst training tasks, some are very difficult or impossible to practice in the real world. Mine rescue, escaping from disasters and other high-risk situations all make VR technology a very suitable training tool.

The potential of virtual reality training in mining is infinite. Therefore, fully customized solutions can offer immersive learning experiences that lead to higher productivity and efficiency in mining operations.

In sum, VR training can help lead to a safer work environment for everyone involved.


Our Environment, Health and Safety Mine Training in Virtual Reality is specifically designed as a solution to address the unique challenges that underground minors face every day.

In this VR training experience, miners can receive accurate and effective training in hazard recognition and accident avoidance. What’s more, the immersive experience lets the trainee walk “in a minor’s boots”. Ultimately, they become active participants in a VR simulation that brings the mining worksite to them.

The aim of 1000 realities studio virtual reality training is to create an alternative practice environment. The simulation enables minors to operate safely in their real-world mining environment. Indeed, the hands-on learning experience for minors not only teaches, but it also provides a physical, sensory experience of learning.

What’s else, this immersive training for both the new and veteran minors allows them to gain knowledge and skills in a safe and controlled environment. And, after each training scenario, a learner can receive feedback to evaluate strengths and weaknesses.

In our EHS training miners, managers, engineers and trainees can encounter VR in many tasks. For instance, they can encompass hazard recognition and avoidance, visualizing unseen buried ore bodies or gas seams, reconstructing accidents for analysis and prevention, mine rescue theory and evacuation routes.

Overall, we focus on designing and creating interactive training modules which offer new pathways for improved outcomes in high-proficiency training. Accordingly, this VR training contains a tutorial. We want to guarantee they are maximally user-friendly and accessible for people of all ages.

Lastly, our immersive training modules ensure that the training can be provided to employees at any location and on any VR-enabled device.

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