AR Navigation and Vision Picking

Augmented Reality to Streamline Warehouse Workflows

Warehouses are becoming more innovative and sophisticated.

Leveraging Augmented Reality for warehouse activities like order allocation, inventory control management, order picking, and material handling processes can simplify and improve complex operations. AR can also be used to strengthen supply chain processes.

To streamline warehouse workflows AR can be a real game-changer. Particularly for logistics and warehouse management, the areas where AR enhancements can be especially effective are in item picking, checklists and indoor navigation.

Edge Realities and its Pick-by-Vision functionality can guide a warehouse employee through the order picking operation. In collaboration with smart glasses or mobile devices, this augmented reality feature can reduce time expenditure and error rate.

And, our AR Navigation feature can provide precise visual guidance and real-time data on the warehouse layout. This can allow employees to use warehouse vehicles to move around faster.

By leveraging Edge Realities functionalities for warehouse management operations, companies can ensure speedy, accurate and optimized inventory, order picking, and material handling processes. Finally, another huge benefit is that our solution can smoothly integrate with any management system.


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In today’s fast-paced digital world, customers expect all products and services to be delivered faster. Materials that are to reach the customers should be well-handled. Plus, they must be dispatched at the right time to achieve a satisfactory customer experience. What’s more, the Covid-19 pandemic might have forever changed shopping for consumers, store workers and retailers worldwide.

Logistics companies are always under pressure to streamline the order picking process. They need to minimize costs, prevent customer attrition and protect their revenue generation. The traditional manual approach of order picking is a time-consuming process. It is prone to errors and is cost-intensive. Regarding process management, coordinating staff and collecting a variety of forms, lists, and documents can also be demanding. Particularly in terms of inputting and processing data to maintain real-time control.

Today’s warehouse must have a streamlined, faultless, and well-organized task management process. To have a clearer picture of inventories, enhance cycle counting, and optimize warehouse operations, companies must explore the world of novel technologies.

None show more promise than Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality can simplify the entire order picking process. AR can provide interactive support, navigate workers around the warehouse and provide visual picking. Every vital warehouse-related operation, such as receiving items, classifying, sorting, storing, managing inventories, stocktaking, inventory replenishment, packing and dispatching can be streamlined by adopting AR technologies.

In essence, AR technology blends computer-generated assets with real-world warehouse environments. AS a result, staff can be empowered with valuable insights that help to mitigate costs and optimize supply chain operations.


Edge Realities and the Pick-by-Vision, AR Checklist and AR Indoor Navigation features can help any logistics company streamline the process of locating, picking and completing orders. Based on computer vision algorithms and augmented reality, our solution can make work easier, more precise and drive efficiencies for any logistics company.

A unique feature of Edge Realities is that it can easily map and add digital overlays to any environment, regardless of size or complexity. What’s more, our system is device-agnostic. In turn, the combination of these technologies creates a powerful collaborative solution for visual guidance and interactive checklist.

In practice, once the order is started either smart glasses, like Vuzix Blade, RealWear, Vuzix M400 or M4000, or a mobile device can show the warehouse employee the most important information in the technology of augmented reality: storage location and quantity.

Next, the AR Indoor Navigation feature can provide precise visual guidance and real-time data of the warehouse layout to allow employees to quickly navigate to where orders are located. Edge Realities can create the most convenient and fastest route for collecting items, and then instructions on how to get to the next location. A supplementary voice-over with simple navigating commands can also be added.

Finally, the Edge Realities Pick-by-Vision feature can guide the worker through order picking operations. Smart glasses or mobile devices can reduce time expenditure and error rate. Holograms are overlaid to provide visual guidance to a particular object, which enables a worker to pick and pack products faster and more efficiently. The hands-free operation and real-time support can eliminate the risk of human error.

The unique competitive advantage of employing our system with the AR Navigation and Vision Picking functions is that it can significantly enhance the performance of warehouse staff. Likewise, it can support memory-based tasks and show specific patterns and other technical information straight to the employee’s smart glasses or mobile device.

Thus, our solution can project AR instructions directly at the workplace. For instance, the instructions can lead a worker through a series of instructions accessed through the interactive AR Checklist. Instead of asking, “where does it go” or “what should I collect first”, all the employee needs to do is follow the pre-made checklists.

Overall, Edge Realities can improve warehouse management processes and make work easier, more precise, and drive efficiencies for any logistics company. By transforming the way employees pick, check and complete orders, move around warehouses, and sort items, our system can play a significant role in boosting efficiency.

In any logistics and shipping process, Edge Realities can help bring a smart, streamlined, and precision-driven delivery process within reach for any company.

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