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Companies that use AR in an interior design business have found that clients are more willing to change their initial design plans when they can visualize things in 3D. Using Augmented Reality technologies, interior designers can easily describe what furniture and décor solution best accents the client’s space. As a result, customers are not afraid of changes and they feel more confident about their decorating choices.

Using Edge Realities with its AR Customizable Interior feature can empower clients. Not only can they view a room in an apartment and assess its size and layout, but they can also decorate the space. In essence, our augmented reality solution allows a customer to visualize, design, and look for beautiful inspiration for their design project.

The value-added from Edge Realities and the AR Customizable Interior solution can deliver more consumer confidence by providing an instant look at what a company is offering. This has proven to be the best way to make a sale—the correlation to seeing the product, even feeling like you’re interacting with it, helps the consumer decide on a product or services.

Overall, Edge Realities can help reduce costs, improve business operations’ performance and achieve a higher return on investments for any business project. Indeed, for any company in any industry, the multi functionalities of our solution can create a collaborative slate for every business owner to confidently place their ideas on display.


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Being able to harness new tech innovations that provide the best shopping experience is key to success, especially in today’s retail industry.

Augmented Reality technologies can improve the shopper’s journey in innovative ways. By adopting it, customers can better visualize a space through the power of 3D and AR. For home furnishings retailers, augmented reality allows customers to virtually “try-out” furniture and not worry about bad purchase decisions. Consumers can minimize anxiety when they can visualize and modify size, color, and placement of the furniture—the plethora of testing choices allows them to buy their favorite item.

AR can be embraced by manufacturers to engage an audience and boost sales. Also, it gives retailers the chance to better the competition. First, by bringing a cutting-edge solution into the market, and second, by offering consumers a more effective solution.

In sum, Augmented Reality technology improves the customer experience. It can amplify in-store engagement and support cross-regional sales when the buyer is physically unable to visit the demo area.


To meet the growing demand for AR solutions that enhance architectural visualization and interior design, we created our AR Customizable Interior. This Edge Realities feature allows anyone to position virtual objects in their existing interior and in their existing real world. It may be used on a mobile device or tablet.

What’s more, thanks to the unique mapping feature of Edge Realities interior planning can be done for huge office spaces and with any number of building levels.

Our goal was to remove the stress of expensive home furnishing purchases and the hassle of returns. At the same time, we wanted to provide a fun tool for anyone interested in interior design. This augmented reality solution can be used to create and edit floor plans, complete job estimates, view space in 3D, plan DIY projects, or view and shop for furniture and décor for any space. In particular, it can benefit real estate agents, architects, home inspectors, interior designers, furniture retailers or do-it-yourselfers.

This high-end AR tool for 3D design and preview helps a buyer to visualize the living room, kitchen, bedroom or office space design. Colors of walls and floor can be changed in full AR, chosen from a wide variety of home furnishing products. Plus, a buyer can experiment with furniture arrangement. Essentially anyone can create a custom home design in 3D augmented reality and see how well everything fits.

This high-end AR 3D tool for design and preview helps a buyer to visualize the living room, kitchen, bedroom or office space design. A buyer can change colors of walls and floor in full AR, choose from a wide variety of home furnishing products and experiment with furniture arrangement. Essentially anyone can create a custom home design in augmented reality.

Our augmented reality solution can be used by a company to create an augmented catalogue and virtual showroom, where clients can check if the future interior design meets their personal expectations before it is realized. Or, designers can showcase their products for shopping in a superior way by providing an enhanced visual experience to customers and on a real-time basis.

Basically, it’s easier than ever to design with home furnishings using our AR Customizable Interior.

If the Edge Realities Interior Customization feature is not a match for your business needs, our Virtual Reality Customizable Interior may be the perfect solution to experience your product. Click here to read more.

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